Rentokil Initial Norway

We are a global service company operating in Europe, America, Asia, the Pacific and Africa - but we provide local service. In Norway, we have a total of just over 300 colleagues, with head office in Oslo and branches in Tønsberg, Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger Our job is to be experts in our areas, we take care of the essentials so that our customers can relax and focus on their own.

Rentokil Initial Norway has 4 divisions: Rentokil pest control, Steritech evaluates food safety, service and operational quality. Initial hygiene and mat service and Ambius Interior planting. With these 4 business areas, we can offer you a total solution adapted to your company's needs.

We are also part of the Nordic Region, and can therefore easily collaborate with Pan-Nordic companies.

Rentokil has more than 50 years of experience with pest control in Norway. Our network covers the whole of Norway and our aim is to operate in a safe and serious manner. Rentokil has protected reputations, homes and businesses and whatever the situation, our local pest experts will create a solution tailored to you or your business.

Evaluations of food safety, operational quality and service

For more than 20 years, Steritech has been a pioneer in evaluating food safety, operational quality and service, enabling food businesses to reduce risk and protect their brand.

Our evaluation service also helps you with the part of the operation that is outside the kitchen itself.

Experts in hygiene

Initial are world leaders in the provision of efficient, professional hygiene services to all types of businesses. With our extensive selection of hygiene solutions and quality products, we meet the needs and create comfortable and hygienic environments for all users - in any organisation.

Create a vibrant working environment

Ambius are specialists in interior planting and create inviting and inspiring work environments. We design complete indoor and outdoor environments by finding the right plants, plant walls and plant pots. Our service staff plant, water and care for the plants and replace them as needed. It has been scientifically proven that plants improve health, reduce sickness absence and lower stress levels.